2013 health review

Posted on isagenixhealth.net The past year has brought exciting scientific findings and innovative product development in the field of health and wellness. As we welcome in the New Year, we look back at the most influential stories of 2013 at Isagenix… 1.  What Happens to Body Fat When You Cleanse? The body of scientific evidence on […]

Isa what?

What is Isagenix? Isagenix is not a weight loss program. It’s a nutritional health cleanse, and the weight loss is just a side effect of cleansing toxins.  Did that get your attention?? Our bodies recognize toxins, and to protect the organs from those toxins, it pads them with fat. When we cleanse out the toxins, […]

where am i now?

its been 5 months since i embarked on this journey to a healthier life… i have maintained my weight loss of 18 lbs for 3 months, decreased my body fat by a total of 10% and most importantly am still feeling like a million bucks with no symptoms of my nasty auto immune disease. mondayis […]