17 lbs in 23 days

Enough said. Jayson is killing this nutritional cleansing program. Him and his wife have been holding each other accountable and they both have had significant transformations in a short period of time. Look at the change in his skin alone. It’s amazing how much your skin can tighten up once you have removed the visceral […]

37 Transformations

One of our support group leads Larry Fuch’s is celebrating his 11 years with Isagenix this week. He has lost over 200 lbs with Isagenix and not only has kept it off but has continued to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight. In honor of his anniversary he put together this video. I personally know […]

Spotlight on Sara

I will begin doing spotlights on different people each week that have completed the 30 day system to showcase their personal testimony and results. Sara – (aka. my mother in law) Sara is 65 years “young”. Over the past few years her weight has been all over the place with a recent all time high […]