Cleansing Buddies Equal Success x2!

The results are in from my dear friend Amanda and her husbands 30-day nutritional cleanse…a week late. Rob released 22.5 lbs!! Amanda released 8 lbs WHILE NURSING (no cleanse, just pure nutrition!!), and she is down two pant sizes. She is now wearing PRE pregnancy “skinny jeans”. Coolest part is how they FEEL! Rob doesn’t have any more knee […]

Mothers On a Mission

Today I share with you 2 amazing mothers on a mission. Elizabeth shared the concept of nutritional cleansing with me last summer. I am forever thankful for this amazing opportunity she has blessed my entire family’s life with. Last night she spoke on a call sharing her personal health journey with nutritional cleansing as well […]

words of wisdom

From Friday night’s shabbat sermon (thanks to Brett Ezarsky!) “remember that doctors are not the only healers, that everyone is a healer or has the potential to be one especially family, friends, significant others and even strangers” Remember everyday your actions have a profound effect on others, so be sincere, kind, and generous and be […]

Flab to Fab in 5 months!

Thank you James M. from Australia. No commercial crap here…it’s all real!!! Feeding and transforming the globe. My 5 month transformation: – full-time student (double in nursing/paramedics) – student budget – studying 5 subjects Feeling better than I ever have before. Increased focus, performance, energy and SLEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!

Serious Work, Serious Results!

Will Reading just finished his 30 day (INTENSIVE) program. People often ask (especially those who are very active) if they can can “have extra protein” in their diet plan, “should I not train as hard” etc…..Will started on the presidents pak…and ordered some extra IsaPro (straight whey protein) His routine: “So in a morning I […]

Celebrating the wins

After several months of the whole 30 program (which were successful in jump starting a healthier life and losing weight) this amazing woman approached me about my nutritional cleansing program. She was looking for some extra benefits such as amazing sleep, energy, better digestion, cleansing of toxins and pure fat. I think she got a […]