Lay Offs & Legacy’s

540 people are being laid off from Bank of America. This was on the front page of the Charlotte Observer yesterday. Loud and Proud (or not!) This is the second major layoff I have heard about in the past week. Why? Because they can. Just like that. Rip your future right out from underneath you […]

Texts from the Team

50 something year old female: After 4 months: 21 lbs., 29 inches, WOOHOO!!!, I am okay with it taking longer. I feel SO much better!!! I am hoping to release 5 more lbs, and then learn how to maintain it! 30 something female that waited months to hop on board and tried several other shake […]

Transformation Thursday

Although Ashleys real weight loss journey started in 2013 he reluctantly began stealing from his wife’s nutritional cleansing product stash sometime in the beginning of 2014. He decided to buckle down and make his healthy his priority in full force. Eating healthier, working out etc. Ashley is a truck driver and works crazy hours… Sometimes […]

Dear …. ,

It’s all happening in due time, My Sweet. You can’t force it. Like the bud of a flower that blooms only when it’s ready and not a minute before; like a butterfly that emerges from its cocoon at just the right moment; like the sprout of a seed that breaks free from its shell exactly […]

IsaDerby St. Thomas!

I’m glad I didn’t listen to those well intentioned people who said, “those things don’t work”, because after doing “those things” for the last several months and experiencing what I have….I assure you, “those things” do work. (Jared Anderson) After spending the past 6 days in beautiful St. Thomas, UVI with 100 other IsaDerby contest […]