Real mom…Real results…NEW LIFE!

Renee 10 months

Sustainable results – inside and out!

Writing this today, I am a 33 year old training sales manager for a technology company, mother of two, and active socialite in my community. I live on the go and LOVE serving others. Like many reading this story now, my own health wasn’t always a priority in my life. In fact, I recently emerged from the darkest days coping with my autoimmune disease and a plethora of other medical issues. These issues caused internal pain and suffering,, while achieving great success professionally and personally. It only took three months late in 2013 to change my reality and turn my life around in ways better than I could ever imagine.

I sound like a commercial every time I open my mouth about my nutritional cleansing program, but it was such a complete game changer in my life. I’ve done “diets and programs” but nothing has ever had such profound effects on my health like this has. It took a lot of time and research for me to make this decision so I want to give you the full story in hopes that it might inspire someone else.

I was clinically diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 17 years ago as a high school student. I experienced multiple side effects from my autoimmune disease including: muscular pain, headaches, stomach pain, digestive issues, anxiety, low energy, high stress, terrible food cravings, mental fogginess, sleep issues, and the list goes on. My stomach was always a disaster no matter what medication I was taking. Nonetheless, by way of a careful diet and exercise, I almost completely eliminated medications from my routines.

Most recently I was at an all-time low after I delivered my 2nd son and I was ready to get back on medications. I felt sick every day, all of the time. I’ve fluctuated all over the place in weight from a size 4 to a size 12 and back down again. I have tried numerous diets and programs and have taken tons of medications, including sleeping pills for 6 years, but NONE of them relieved me of any of my symptoms. They only masked the pain.

Recently I felt like I was operating in a fog and I just had an overall feeling of illness which is not good for anyone, but especially not for a mom of 2 wild boys! I had been approached by many people trying to sell me products from many different companies, all of which contained ingredients that I refused to put into my body such as artificial sweeteners, caffeine, preservatives, processed ingredients, SOY, GMO’s etc.. I found out about Isagenix from a college friend in the summer of 2013 as I watched her explore Isagenix and achieve great success. I was a skeptic. I didn’t believe in quick weight loss fixes, but rather preferred long term “healthy lifestyle” methods and routines.

After waiting and watching for a few months, I finally reached out to my friend in September to place my order. The day prior to calling her to begin my Isagenix journey, I made an appointment to meet with my Gastro doctor for 3 weeks later to discuss my current state of sickness and to schedule a follow up colonoscopy. I have lost count of my GI appointments by now, and I’ve already had 5 colonoscopies in my life.

I began using Isagenix 2 ½ weeks prior to my appointment with the doctor. Within 3 days of putting the Isagenix products into my body I could feel a change. The difference was dramatic and immediate. The first sensations I noticed were the fog lifting, my digestion was regulating (normal potty breaks!) and my energy level was increasing. Within 10 days my autoimmune disease was under control for the first time in 17 years. I was beside myself with shock!

I went through with my GI appointment and presented the products and their labels to my doctor to get his blessing. He did not object to my using the products and supported my decision to continue. We scheduled a follow-up procedure to check on my autoimmune disease two months later. We decided together that it would be interesting to compare my before and after images. My images from my “after Isagenix” procedure were spotless. After 18 years I had zero internal inflammation, polyps or ulcers. Yes, you read that correctly. Isagenix does not claim to cure or treat any medical issues. However, I was healthy for the first time I could remember!

One of the best results is that I have that mythical “healthy lifestyle” I sought for so long. I have finally been able to free myself of synthetic substances, and I have tons of energy and can think clearly.  I WANT to work out and I DON’T CRAVE JUNK. Just the thought of junk makes me feel sick! Prior to starting Isagenix, I dreaded working out and came up with a million excuses. I don’t think about food all of the time now, and I am rarely hungry. Even when I do eat, I make better choices because of the educational aspect of the Isagenix program.

Results? Yes please!! In my first 2 ½ weeks I released 8 lbs. and 13 inches. (Compared to some, this is actually a small loss). I am back in my “skinny clothes” for the first-time in 2 years. Over the first two months I released 22 lbs and am down well over 27+ inches. I am now more than 10 months out and I have maintained my health and weight loss goals and continue to use Isagenix products in maintenance mode because of all of the added health benefits to my life. I even take them on vacation with me!

This program is excellent for all types of autoimmune challenges. If you can relate to any of my story and want to seek out a better life for yourself from the inside out please contact me through my blog. My hope is that my story will inspire others that there is hope!




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