Toxins and Special Needs

Meet Andrew. He is on the Autism Spectrum and for the past year he has been on a GFCF diet which includes gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free per his doctor’s requests. This also includes no preservatives, additives, colors etc (this is not uncommon for those that chose an all natural route). He is highly sensitive to everything and his […]

Why Supplement?

From the words of my inspiring colleague Emily Vavra: I am an advocate of supplementation. Here’s why: The frightening bit about our diets is that most of the population consumes foods laden with additives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and preservatives just to name a few. Yes, eating an organic diet is a great start to avoiding […]

Dinner is served…

As I sit at my computer blown away by the lives this amazing team is helping transform, I keep catching these mouth watering aromas. I won’t lie. I panic for one second wondering what I left cooking (or burning for that matter on the stove!). Once the panic is over I remember that my crockpot is working […]

What is “expensive”?

People ask me if my nutritional cleansing program is “expensive”. Lets stop and think…What is expensive? Hmmm.. iPhones are expensive, Dining out is expensive and so is our cable bill. Gel manicures and my dogs haircuts are expensive. Copays are EXPENSIVE. Every time I walk into Costco or Target for “one thing,” it’s expensive ($250 last week alone). Chick-fil-a […]


The wikipedia definition of ARTIFICIAL is: unnatural, man-made, false, misleading Why do people CHOSE to put artificially flavored products in their bodies on an ongoing basis as part of a health or nutrition program? These are not healthy nor are they nutritious. Frankly you don’t even know what you are consuming. Chemicals? Perfumes? Toxins? Read before you […]