Industry Education

Education is the most powerful thing we can use to change the world. Many of you purchased Isagenix to lose weight, get healthy or gain some muscle and like me wanted NOTHING AT ALL to do with the Opportunity aspect of Isagenix (or you don’t want anyone to even know you are using them!) All […]

I ate clean

1. “Do we eat real whole food?” You better believe it! I eat food all day long 2. “Why shakes?” It’s convenient, free of chemicals, soy, gluten, and artificial ingredients. And it’s cleaner than anything you’ll find at Whole Foods b/c even organic has a legal level of pesticides. 3. “How is this not processed […]

Skin Aging

Skin Aging Dr Michael Colgan 14 September 2013 Skin is our biggest organ. It is exquisitely sensitive to everything we eat, breathe, and slap onto it. Skin grows outwards continuously from deep inside. Your whole skin surface flakes off and replaces itself about every 28 days. We slough off about 40,000 dead skin cells every […]

Why chose IsaLean?

Breaking Down Why IsaLean Shake is Best October 3, 2014 Any auto mechanic would recognize that the best cars in the world—a Lamborghini, for instance—are indeed the best because they’re made with the highest-quality craftsmanship and parts. Likewise, an experienced health professional recognizes that the quality of a meal replacement shake can depend a lot […]