Elite Cyclist Scottie Weiss: ‘Just Get Out and Do It’

Weiss-IsaFYI-1200x1200Despite a late start to the cycling world, Scottie Weiss has become one of the premier athletes in the sport.

As a young athlete, he wasn’t exactly looking for a career in cycling. In fact, he started out as a speed skating competitor using cycling as a cross-training tool. Within a few years, however, cycling became his true passion.


At 5’6” and 117 pounds, for Scottie, cycling “seemed like the natural way to go.” His first race, Mill Mountain Time Trial, was a treacherous 1.8-mile uphill battle.

“I was a brand-new cyclist when I did that race,” remembers Scottie. “My time was on par with some of the elite racers. I thought if I could get with a team and learn some tactics, I might be a natural.”

Teamwork Pays Off

Scottie’s early successes with cycling encouraged him to pursue the sport as more than just a hobby. While he began to train on his own, he eventually saw the value of joining a cycling team.


“It takes a team to lay out some tactics,” says Scottie. “We set a goal for the team as a whole and each of the riders. Teams are also there to support each other.”

The now 43-year-old has been a member of several professional cycling teams throughout his 18-year career. As of January 2015, Scottie is a proud member of the Pro Infusion Cyclist Team, made up of many elite cyclists from around the world.

“I was looking for an elite level team,” shares Scottie. “It has been a great opportunity to get involved in.”

Not only did he find a team to support his cycling and professional goals, but he also discovered a plan to stay nourished during extensive, grueling days on the bike.

The Virginia resident’s training regimen includes about 400-500 miles of riding every week, up to 100 miles in one day. Keeping his body fed, hydrated, and energized is no easy task. So, in addition to healthy meals and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, Scottie supplements with Isagenix products, specifically IsaPro® and IsaLean® Bars.

“When you use a product that really does make you feel good, it’s inspiring to say, ‘wow, this really does make a difference,’” he says.

Everything Pays Off

trophy in belize

For Scottie, great races come from hard work, countless hours of practice, and using Isagenix as the right nutrition to power through.

In April 2015, Scottie added an incredible achievement to his record—a second place victory in one of the most prestigious cycling races in Belize.

The 140-mile race proved that Scottie’s hard work and sacrifice had paid off, and his team, Pro Infusion Cyclists, couldn’t have been more proud.

“It’s exciting because you put so many hours of training in,” says Scottie. “When you get a result, especially an international result like that, it’s great for everyone involved.”

The Real Objective

Scott & Son

Scottie’s clear passion for cycling has rubbed off on many others including his “biggest supporter” and wife, Catrina. Even their 5-year-old son, Noah, loves to ride his bike.

“You don’t have to be a bike racer,” says Scottie. “Just be a normal person who wants to try something new and get out. Set simple goals—10 miles, 20 miles, etc. Little achievements build you up.”

The family enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. Part of that lifestyle includes incorporating Isagenix into their routine. Both Scottie and Catrina love having an IsaLean PRO shake before a big ride.

The family man and elite rider has inspired many others, including fans that he’s never met, to enjoy cycling as a hobby. For Scottie, the best part of cycling is staying active and pushing himself to be better.

“It’s not just about winning all the time,” shares Scottie. “Sometimes simply participating makes it a win. It pushes us to do our best no matter what we do. The bigger picture and the most important thing is to just get out and do it.”

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